College Transfer Program Association



Helping to build a stronger college-transfer process...

As a statewide organization, the College Transfer Program Association (CTPA) strives to keep you informed about:

  • changes in the transferability of courses,
  • legislative agenda items that could affect transfer,
  • transfer student and transfer institution successes,
  • ways you can help shape the curriculum,
  • and trends in higher education that may affect students even before they enter your colleges.

Why the CTPA?

College students need all the help they can get when it comes to their futures in the academic world. The choices are endless, but with our help, the transfer process is clearer and students save time and money.

The CTPA plays an active role in clarifying courses and their transferability to our senior institutions.  We meet twice a year--in the fall and in the spring--to review the latest information and changes made by the TAC (Transfer Advisory Committee) and how these changes affect transfer institutions.  We also work with four-year university and community college personnel to assure our students make seamless transitions through higher education.

The CTPA is experienced in gathering information from organizations in the state that affect college transfer.  We disseminate information to members in a timely and accurate fashion, gather feedback, offer positive input to partner groups, and work to provide students with the information they need, in time to make important academic--and life--decisions.